I Survived Series

The I Survived series of books is a series of historical fiction written by Lauren Tarshis, and published by Scholastic, Inc.  These books are on the New York Times best seller list, and for good reason. Each story tells a captivating tale of courage and survival. This series continues to grow.  Recently, two books of  nonfiction have been added to the series.  These books take historical and scientific events and entice students to want to learn and know more.  The multisensory Historical Stories of Survival units combine the reading of a thrilling story, with  custom made lapbook pages and instructions, custom made file folder game, spelling and vocabulary, comprehension, digging deeper project resources, weekly lesson plans and schedule and so much more.  There are enough books in the series for two full years of schooling or more.  These units also make great learning opportunities for summer and holiday breaks. The idea is that the I Survived reader books would be used as a catalyst to ignite interest into different times in history, as well as different science topics.  The first week is used to read the book, do simple crafts and work on a lapbook.  The following five weeks are divided up, based on the subject matter, into areas of history, geography and science.  Each week has specific projects to choose from based on what works best for your family, as well as pre-identified books to teach from.  Although the books can be purchased, most are available at local libraries or through interlibrary loans.  Although some project kits and resources can be purchased, many projects or alternatives are available for free – these too have been identified for you.