I Survived Curriculum - Historical Stories of Survival Unit 4 Surviving The Great Chicago Fire 1871 - Family License

Explore the history of life during the Industrial Revolution through the eyes of of a young boy, as he tries to make sense of his new life, discovers deep friendships and fights for his life. A six week unit study using the I Survived the Great Chicago Fire book from the New York Times best selling I Survived series. This study gives boys and girls a look into life in big city of Chicago in 1871. Suggestions to further the study of this time period as well as craft and field trip ideas are included in the unit to help enhance the study. All units include spelling and vocabulary, custom made lapbook pages and game, State/Country study, Character analysis worksheets, then and now comparison worksheet, news article prep, book summary, chapter summary with drawing, and digging deeper project suggestions. This product is sent via email as a PDF file.

Studying history as a family is, perhaps, the best way to learn.  One of the most important parts of homeschooling is family relationship.  Schooling multiple ages together with the continuity of the same subject matter for literature and history, as well as crafts and field trip experiences gives opportunities for family discussion and builds long lasting and cherished memories.

The experiences practiced in multisensory learning allow each family member to participate in ways that help them understand and retain best.  Brothers and sisters learn together and help each other with projects such as creating a diorama or building a fire truck with Legos, doing science experiments with fire, having discussions about the story, historical information, as well as positive character traits such as endurance, trust, loyalty, kindness, bravery and courage.  

Multisensory learning is great for every kind of learner - because each learner gets to experience learning the way they are most comfortable - but they also have the opportunity to learn through other senses.  Studies and research have shown that learning material through multiple senses helps children to retain information better.

Get the entire family involved with practicing survival techniques and visiting a fire station or fire museum.  This six week unit study using the I Survived the Great Chicago Fire from the I Survived series is also great for doing school with an additional family or two. Get together for weekly activities or field trips, while doing the rest of the study on your own with your family.  Get together at the end of the unit for a backyard Survival Celebration party of your own!

This reader book for this unit follows a young boy through trials and triumphs. He learns about himself, his new father and what it means to have compassion. 

Some examples of *crafts include; creating a diorama, 4D puzzle, drawings and more.  Science project examples include fire science experiments, dvd's, survival skills and more. Each unit will include a suggested weekly schedule, list of required and suggested books, survival tips, craft resources, field trip ideas and suggestions, meal ideas, templates, a game, lapbook materials and other resources. 

**Crafts and science experiment supplies are not included in the purchase of the curriculum, but resources and instruction as to what crafts and supplies to purchase are included.  Some units do include free craft templates.  Family license allows single family usage for the purchaser only.  Copies are not permitted for use outside of the owner's immediate family.  If you are a co-op or charter school purchasing for a single family - please make a note of the family's name and email address when ordering.